What to Expect

Biblical Preaching

Expect to hear the Bible faithfully preached, for feeding of his sheep, and the sanctification of his people. We believe God has revealed Himself through his Word, not written by the will of man, but of his own will. It is by God’s word that we can know Him, not only personally, but accurately, with confidence in his promise that those in Christ are saved. Therefore, our conviction is that we all need to hear what God said, what He meant when He said it, and how such truth applies to our lives today.

Biblical Worship

Expect gospel centered worship through prayer, giving, song, and by the hearing of God’s Word. While our praise to God through song is not limited to a single musical style, we are unmoved in our conviction that worship is not solely for our enjoyment but is an opportunity for God’s people to praise and glorify his holy name. Therefore, whether singing a traditional hymn or a contemporary praise song, we strive to keep the Lord Jesus Christ our focus in worship, by the engagement of both our minds and emotions without any shameful manipulation or an entertainment mentality.

Biblical Community

Expect to meet people who genuinely care about you and one another, no matter one’s age or race. God’s church is composed of born-again believers from every tribe and tongue, men and women, the young and old, all brought together by his sovereign will to be the body, and bride of Christ. We as people, though broken in sin, are still fearfully and wonderfully made by God in his image. Therefore, our local fellowship, though small, is non-exclusory, welcoming all people to come, and desiring all to repent, believe and follow Christ.

What to Bring?

All that is required to come is you! Formal and business attire or jeans and t-shirts are all welcome, and Bibles are available if you do not possess one.

Worship is at 9:30 a.m. Sundays

Both nursery and child care are available Children’s church is provided during the service. Sunday School follows worship at 11:15 am.