Beliefs on Cultural Topics


We believe, that from the beginning God made male and female in his image. There are only 2 genders, and they are not fluid nor changeable, but determined at conception and revealed in the DNA and physical body. Therefore, we also recognize marriage as between one man and one woman and believe all other variations to be sinful regardless of what our culture may permit, affirm, or celebrate. We welcome and offer the gospel to all, regardless of their sexual attractions; and we believe God offers both forgiveness for sexual sin and power to control and change our desires to align with His.

We hold the complementarian view for men and women in the service of Church and the Family structure: that God has made humans male and female, both in his image, equal in value and intelligence, but different in their physical design and the roles he has crafted for them.

For a man, if in a role as an Elder of the church, or as a husband and a father, he is called to be a servant leader, like Jesus. He is to love selflessly like Christ did when he laid down his life on the cross. He is to love the people God has put in his life, first submitting to God, and then to his wife and church, putting the needs of his family before his own. All men are to be like Jesus.

For women, they are not allowed to be a teaching pastor or elder themselves, according to the scriptures. However, their role is essential in the teaching and training of other women and children in the church, as well as other ministries such as evangelism, music, event planning etc… If married, she also submits first to God, and then to her husband in respect to him as the leader of household. She is to be his helper, his “righthand-man”, partners with him in life as one flesh. She is to love and respect her husband, as the church would love and respect Christ. All women are to be like Jesus.


We believe before God formed you in the womb, He knew you. All human life, regardless of race or nationality, bears his image and is sacred. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Therefore, we regard abortion, regardless of the circumstances of conception, as sinful except to save the life of the mother. God’s grace, though, certainly extends to those whom have been touched by this issue, including those moms and dads who aborted their children; it is not an unforgivable sin, nor is it impossible for God to bring healing and beauty from such choices—just like He does with all other kinds of sins. If you are pregnant and are struggling with this situation, then follow this link to one of our ministry partners Cross Roads Pregnancy Center who can help: you are not alone; God cares and so do we.


God is not a Democrat or a Republican—Hallelujah! We encourage Christians to vote their conscience and be active to use our wonderful freedoms for the good of our country. We pray for those in authority over us, honor the office they hold, and strive to be the best and most obedient citizens we can so long as we do not disobey God.