Christ Community Church began with the leading of God and prayer from the Eastern PA District of the Alliance to establish a C&MA church in the Doylestown area in the fall of 1970. 10 persons responded to an advertisement and the nucleus of the congregation was formed, calling Rev. Robert Francis as its Pastor in January 1971 and holding services in Plumstead Christian School. By May of that year the former Jehovah Witness building on Rt 611 in Danboro had been bought and the little Danboro Alliance church rapidly expanded and outgrew its facility. In the spring of 1973 a resident offered 6 acres of property just ½ mile up the road, and construction was quickly begun and completed by the fall. The old building was sold to 2nd Baptist Church of Doylestown and both congregations prospered in their new homes.

Through a series of faithful shepherds, Danboro Alliance reached out and served its community, developing a Day Care/Nursery School Program under Daniel Brosius in 1984. It was also during that time that a student from Biblical Seminary (Hatfield, PA) and our current pastor, Tom Gramling, joined the congregation in 1987 and was shepherded there until leaving in 1992.

By the dawn of the 1990s, with its name changed to Christ Community (since it really wasn’t in Danboro, but Plumsteadville), the church endured some difficult years: fighting over traditional vs. contemporary worship styles, debate over charismatic gifts and uses, and pastoral issues. Not much remained save for the building and Daycare ministry; a team from the District came to pray over the grounds in 1998 and meet with a faithful remnant who remained.

The Lord heard their prayers and began to heal and give hope: mortgages were paid off in 1998. After 3 & ½ years with no pastor, Tom and Beth Gramling responded to CCC’s call. In October 1999, they parted with their church in Warren PA, and with 2 little children and a baby, made the move to Bucks County. It was here where God began to reach out to our community and repair what years of hardship had worn away; even with the small resources available, God was faithful to bless!

The Congregation was blessed in an unexpected way in 2001, when 2nd Baptist church approached CCC about sharing the facility while they built their dream building in Fountainville—it would take a year they said. Well, it turned out to be a most delightful 4-year period, sharing time and culture between the predominantly Black and White congregations, and praising our glorious savior together. An enduring friendship between Rev. Robert Hamlin and Pastor Tom would form, as well as many others. We worshiped Jesus together and cheered each other on, celebrating the completion of their beautiful new church building in 2007.

And since that time CCC has touched many peoples’ lives for Jesus through both the Church and NLC ministries, and they come and go in both good and hard times (like when Hurricane Sandy blew the roof shingles off!). We find that along the way God has continued to show himself faithful through every challenge. Pastor Tom and Beth will be finishing their 20th year here in October 2019!

Head Pastors and their Length of Service (estimates)

Rev. Robert Francis 1971-76
Rev. Keith Bartholomew 1976-83
Rev. Dr. David Reese 1984-88
Rev. Charles Stump 1989-93
Terry Steenberg 1993-96
Rev. Dr. Thomas Gramling Jr. 1999-Present