Philippians 3:10-16

Every day near sunrise, across the globe, people awake to pursue their passions, small or great, for the day. What is your goal in life? Have you arrived? The apostle Paul expressed his life goal, as to know and be like Christ Jesus our Lord — acknowledging his complete dependance on grace and his inability to achieve this goal, this side of eternity. Are you of the same mindset? Is Jesus your supreme passion?

Would you honestly say you know and love Christ better today than a year ago?

Have you become a lazy complacent Christian and forgotten why God has you here?

Are you still striving to know Christ and be more like him, or have you settled for a cheap substitute?

Are you working hard on your holiness with your eye on the prize? 

Are you humbled by the fact you are still in the middle of your sanctification or do you feel  you’ve arrived and have little more to learn?

Are you more passionate about your politics or your Savior?  Who do folks see in you?